Published: 2021-01-20 12:15 | Updated: 2021-01-28 17:08

Presence in Biomedicum during Spring 2021 for NEURO's administration

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Photo: Gerd Altmann Pixabay

NEURO's administration follows KI's and the Public Health Agency of Sweden's recommendations regarding the covid-19 pandemic and works from home as many of the tasks can be carried out remotely.

In response to the Swedish Public Health Agency's strengthened general advice, KI urges those who have the opportunity to work from home to do so. NEURO Administration will thus continue to work remotely for the time being.

However, if necessary and if there are reasonable reasons to meet physically, we will of course make ourselves available. We all have a responsibility not to contribute to the rapid spread of the infection that is now taking place within Stockholm.

You can reach us as usual by e-mail, phone or in Teams.


Sigge Berglann Head of administration