Published: 07-07-2023 10:57 | Updated: 07-07-2023 10:57

Preparations for the installation of pods and touchdown seats in ANA Futura

During the summer, preparations will start for the installation of pods and new touchdown seats in the affected premises in ANA Futura.

The following preparations will be executed during the summer:

  1. Removal of parts of the existing touchdown seats (located adjacent to the coffee rooms).
  2. Relocation of storage cabinets in the corridors to the nearest coffee room area.
  3. Removal of cabinets in the printer rooms on floors 7 and 8 (in the middle section of the extension building)

During shorter time periods, it may be some disturbing sounds and we ask for your patience.


For questions about the work, contact one of the following:

Service Team ANA Futura

Lars Frelin

Facility manager ANA Futura
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine