Published: 23-05-2012 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:33

Preeminent nephrologist attached to KI

[PRESS INVITATION 21 May 2012] The American professor Bruce Molitoris, world-renowned expert in nephrology, has been appointed Foreign Adjunct Professor (FAP) at Karolinska Institutet. Professor Molitoris pioneered the use of 2-photon microscopy to study renal function in living systems.

Bruce MolitorisPhoto: Indiana University, School of Medicine

He will be visiting Karolinska Institutet on 31 May-1 June to deliver a lecture on how scientists can use 2-photon microscopy to produce moving, in vivo images of cellular events, such as the development of an infection or the mechanisms of a therapeutic treatment. While being basic research, such procedures also have considerable clinical relevance.

"The technique developed by Bruce Molitoris has enabled us to study the infection process in the living kidney in a way that is like watching a reality show on TV," says Professor Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, head of the Swedish Medical Nanoscience Centre at Karolinska Institutet.

Professor Molitoris has made it possible for many of Karolinska Institutets doctoral students to conduct their experiments in an environment that offers a unique combination of nephrological and advanced bioimaging competence.

"I've enjoyed a very productive collaboration Karolinska Institutet for many years now," says Professor Molitoris. "What I've encountered there has been a broad understanding of both biology and medicine and an ability to integrate and promote such understanding in both fields."

Foreign Adjunct Professor is an honorary title that was introduced in 1992 by Karolinska Institutet's Medical Faculty Board in an effort to strengthen its contact network by attaching highly reputed overseas research colleagues to the university.

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