Published: 2021-09-10 15:12 | Updated: 2021-10-08 14:23

Pre-selection event Three Minutes Thesis Presentation - NeurotechEU Summit

On behalf of NeurotechEU, the Student Council is pleased to invite you to participate in the Summit 2021 pre-selection event on October 23, 2021.

The student council of Neurotech EU is responsible for the Three Minutes Thesis Presentation in the upcoming November Summit Meeting. To select two students per university, the student council is organizing a pre-selection event in October.

You have the chance to present your research (bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, PhD, post-doc…) following the methodology of three minutes thesis (3MT from the University of Queensland) The event will be first come first serve so register early! Max 6 participants per university.

Extended deadline to apply 15 October- register here

Online  pre-selection event event 23 October

The event will be held online via the Platform, and it is going to be organized by NeurotechEU-The European University of Brain and Technology. There will be participants from 8 European universities.

Competition at Summit 22 November

We would also like to record your presentation so we will ask you to fill out a Multimedia Release Form. There will be one session per university and at the end of it, two semi-finalists will be selected from each university. They will compete in the Summit 2021 on November 22nd. There will be prizes for the winners who will be selected by voting of the audience.




Julia Spielbauer

Student Council NeurotechEU

Abishek Arora

Student Council NeurotechEU