Published: 13-03-2024 19:05 | Updated: 13-03-2024 19:14

Position as academic leader of WISE – one junior person and one senior person at 10% each

Deadline 5 April 2024

Registration of interest

Registration of interest marked with Ref. No. 1-327/2024 to be submitted no later than April 5 to

Also attach:

  • brief CV (max 2 pages)
  • description of how you would like to develop the network
  • your reasons supporting why you want to lead KI’s female research network

Eligible candidates will be invited to an interview. You are very welcome to send us your application!


The Faculty Board at KI has allocated budgetary resources for a "long-term investment to strengthen qualification opportunities for young women". The female research network at KI is one of several initiatives in the area, and is in line with KI’s Strategy 2030, which states that equal employment conditions and career paths shall be ensured for all employees, regardless of background (p.14 Strategy 2030). The position also reinforces KI’s work with the government assignment on gender mainstreaming, where career paths and terms of employment are priority areas. 

About the network and your assignment

The network WISE, Women in Science and Education, has been running for two years and is open to interested junior and senior researchers and teachers who identifies as women. The network has grown significantly since the start and has today approximately 400 members. WISE arrange meetings with different content, such as invited guests for inspiration and discussion, CV writing and funding applications, literature meetings, etc. Three academic leaders are jointly responsible for planning and holding the meetings and inviting potential guests. The network has administrative support allocated at 10%. The network also has a steering group consisting of Christian Giske, Ewa Ehrenborg, Catarina Almqvist Malmros, Rachel Fisher, Helena Karlström, Camilla Svensson and Alexandra Wennberg. As two of the academic leaders are now finishing their assignments, we are looking for a senior and a junior academic leader.

Skills and experience

You are employed at KI and well acquainted with the organisation, with an interest in issues related to values, gender equality and equality, and may have previously worked with gender equality or equality issues. We would prefer someone with a professorship as senior leader, and as a junior leader you should have defended a doctoral thesis.

Scope and compensation

Your institution or equivalent will be compensated for the assignment at 10% for one year with the possibility of an extension. We would like you to take up the position as soon as possible, but no later than August 2024.


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