Published: 09-05-2023 11:25 | Updated: 09-05-2023 11:25

Planned power outage in the ANA 8 building on 23 May

On 23 May Akademiska Hus need to test if the alarm notification function works as it should if there is a power outage in the house.

The power will be turned off in the entire house for about 10 minutes between 07:00-07:10 AM on 23 May. To ensure that no people get stuck in the elevators, all 12 elevators in the building will be closed approx. 15 minutes before the test starts.


  • We strongly recommend that no laboratory work is performed during the planned power outage. See below.
  • Turn off or disconnect sensitive laboratory equipment prior to the power outage. See below.
  • Turn off stationary computers and if applicable own servers/IT systems prior to the power outage.
  • There may be freezer alarms sent out during the power outage. All freezers connected to the alarm system will be checked after the power outage.

Information about laboratory work - what to do and not

  • During the planned power outage no laboratory activities that require protective ventilation, work in/with drawbenches, class II safety benches and point extraction can be done.
  • Laboratory work must be completed before the planned power outage that begins at 7:00am.
  • Since the protective ventilation for ventilated storage cabinets is affected, these units should not be opened during the planned power outage. Furthermore, no work with different types of gases requiring protective ventilation can be done. 
  • Avoid opening e.g. low temperature freezer doors during the planned power outage to cause unnecessary temperature rise in the freezers. The same applies for CO2 incubators to avoid unnecessary temperature drop in them.
  • In laboratories with requirements for differential pressure (regulated overpressure and negative pressure) such as in cell culture rooms cannot be guaranteed during the planned power outage why opening of these doors should be avoided.

We ask you to plan your activities around this planned power outage and apologize for any disruptions this may cause. 


Lars Frelin

H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine