Published: 09-11-2015 15:48 | Updated: 14-05-2019 08:58

Physiological responses to social and emotional stimuli

During the study, you will be presented different images on a computer screen. At the same time, your physiological responses will be measured. For this, you will have small electrodes on your fingertips and on your wrist. In addition, you might get small short electrical stimulation on the wrist via a sensor. Stimulation can be perceived as slightly unpleasant but not harmful. Afterwards you will be asked to complete a number of questionnaires.

The study is conducted in two days; 1 hour the first day, and half an hour the second. You will be receiving 3 movie tickets. Afterwards, you will be given detailed information about the study and given the chance to ask questions about our research.

Note that to participate, you must:

  • Be between 18 and 40 years old.
  • Not have or had neurological or psychiatric diagnoses.
  • Not be pregnant.
  • Have never been in an experiment involving electrical stimulation.
  • Not have very bad eye-sight (able to see the computer screen without glasses).

Contact information:

Please contact Irem at if you are interested in participating or have questions.