Published: 24-05-2017 09:53 | Updated: 24-05-2017 14:31

Photos from the second Brain and Culture Symposium at Aula Medica on 17th May

The second Brain and Culture meeting was presented at the Erling Persson Hall, Aula Medica on Wednesday May 17th. This year it was organized to honour George Klein who sadly passed away last December. He was a great inspiration for the Brain and Culture program at KI and fought against what he called the "two culture divide".

Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Claremont University, California, was an old friend and collegue of George Klein. He designated the concept of FLOW around 1990. He was invited to give the first ever George Klein lecture within the framework of the symposium, to honour the spirit of George Klein. After the lecture he was awarded the George and Eva Klein medal. Other speakers included Antonio Damasio, world renowned for his work on consciousness and Laurel Trainor, McMaster University, an expert on how music develops connections among people, in particular between mother and child.

The lectures were interspersed by music performed by famous Sharon Bezaly von Bahr (flute), Fredrik Ullén (piano) Joakim Milder (saxophone) , Alexander Zethson (piano) and Lilla Akademien´s trumpet ensemble. The meeting was attended by well over 950 persons – which meant very few empty seats in the Erling Persson Hall! The meeting was arranged by KI Kulturråd, the George and Eva Klein Foundation, MTC and the Culture and Brain Initiative.

View the photos from the conference here