Published: 24-05-2024 17:55 | Updated: 24-05-2024 17:59

Per Nilsson – Academic coordinator for Japan

Dr Per Nilsson
Dr Per Nilsson. Photo: Selma Wolofsky.

Per Nilsson, docent and deputy head of division of Neurogeriatrics, has been appointed as KI's new Academic coordinator for Japan.

As an Academic coordinator, one immerses oneself in the various collaborations that KI has with universities in a specific country and contributes to coordinating and supporting these so that they follow KI’s strategies for internationalization in the country. At present, KI has Academic coordinators for Brazil, China, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Japan.

Per has a solid knowledge of Japan.
“I did my postdoc at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Tokyo,” says Per. “It was a very nice environment for brain research, where I learned a lot about Alzheimer’s research that I brought back to KI when I started my research group here.”
“The time in Japan also gave me the opportunity to learn about the country and its culture which was very rewarding,” he concludes.