Published: 05-10-2015 16:09 | Updated: 06-11-2015 15:27

Pedagogical prizes and prize for best GR- presentation

During the Ground Round lecture on September 30 the prize for best presentation for the spring and two educational prizes was awarded.

Märit Wallander, Unit of Endocrinology with the Lipid laboratory, received the award for best Grand Round presentation for the spring 2015 for her lecture: “Den bleka sanningen – en underskattad global epidemi”.

Märit also replaced Stephan Haas as clinical assistant for the T4 course (clinical diagnostics) and will now coordinate the Ground Round lectures for the autumn.

Ida Löfman received the department's pedagogical prize for her great involvement in teaching at Programme in Medicine semester 4.

The reasoning was: "As a representative of the Heart clinic Ida Löfman has been engaged in teaching in semester 4 for the medical students for a few years. The task involves basic instruction in one of the most important stages of medical school, the art of taking a history and status in an accurate and patient respectful manner.

Ida carries out this task in an excellent manner, always shows a great involvement to the students and gets very good marks for their efforts. Ida is a very worthy recipient of the institution's teaching prize for the 4th semester 2015. "

Katarina Uttervall received the pedagogical prize for their efforts in teaching in the Programme in Medicine semesters 5 and 6.

The reasoning was: "Dr. Katarina Uttervall has as teaching specialist at the Hematology Centre, Karolinska University Hospital, in an excellent way, developed and organized the work-based learning at the clinic course in clinical medicine. Through good planning and outstanding student contact based on a strong personal involvement, Katarina Utterwall brought an essential and of students and course management estimated the value of student learning in health care."