Published: 01-06-2023 14:48 | Updated: 04-10-2023 13:21

Patricica Degnell- new Financial controller at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge

Photo of blond woman.
Patricia Degnell. Photo: Private

Welcome Patricia Degnell - new Financal controller at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH) since May 2023. Patricia is part of the Economy team at the Central Administration at C2:94 in the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge.

What are your main tasks as Financial controller?

"My main task will be budgeting and follow up for the research groups at the Center for Infectious Medcine (CIM) and the Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit at MedH. I will work with economy and do some overall economy tasks as I will be acting Head of Finance".

What do you look forward to with your new role?

"I look forward to get to know the research groups at MedH and also to learn more about what it's like to work at a clinical department at KI".

What did you do before?

"Previously I worked as Head of Finance at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut). This year I have actually been at KI for 32 years! Being as old as the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, it's easily to figure out that I've always worked with finance".

What do you like doing in your spare time? 

"In my spare time I like to work out at the gym and to spend time with my family. I often go to ice hockey as one of my three sons plays in Djurgården's J20 team. I also like to travel, especially to warm and sunny Spain".