Published: 25-11-2022 20:45 | Updated: 25-11-2022 21:03

Over 400 people took part in this year's exercise challenge

Thank you to all 412 people who participated in this year's "Pepatwork" exercise challenge!

A total of 41 departments were represented, divided into 41 teams. The highest number of teams participated from UF, NVS and IMM.

The KIB league was undoubtedly the best at both exercising and cheering each other on, closely followed by Admin - OnkPat. OnkPat also made the biggest behavioural change at the team level with their increase in number of sessions/week from start to finish. Good peppers there were many, not least all the team leaders.

Individual peppers that we would like to thank a little extra are Emma Hyldéen, Anne-Sofie Johansson and our KI pepper all categories: Belinda Pannagel. You were awesome!

Winners are all of us who helped each other to get more exercise in our daily lives! We are stronger together. Let's continue to be "KI - a moving university".

WHO physical activity guidelines

In the challenge, we exercised an average of 289 min/week during the darkest month of autumn.

What do the physical activity recommendations say?

"Adults should be physically active each week at moderate intensity for at least 150-300 minutes or at least 75-150 minutes of high-intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of moderate and high intensity. Moderate-intensity physical activity increases heart rate and respiration, while high-intensity physical activity significantly increases heart rate and respiration."