Published: 29-01-2024 10:51 | Updated: 08-02-2024 14:21

Operational plan finalised for 2024

In the foreground: glass wall with motifs. In the background: Woman standing at a desk in open office landscape.
The operational plan is intended to facilitate communication and understanding of how each activity contributes to KI's common goals. Photo: Liza Simonsson

Now you can read the 2024 operational plan for the professional services at KI in Swedish and English. It is a new model that the departments within professional services, the University Library and the units Teaching and Learning, and Medical History and Cultural Heritage are the first to test for 2024.

The operational plan is the result of a joint process that has taken place in each department and in dialogue between the departments and the University Library and the units Teaching and Learning, and Medical History and Cultural Heritage. It provides an overview of the priorities and efforts for the coming year.

A transparent operational plan to achieve KI's goals

- The overall document is intended to facilitate communication and common understanding of how each activity contributes to KI's common goals - within KI:s professional services, but also within other parts of KI, says Veronika Sundström, university director at KI. 

KI's vision is to advance knowledge about life and strive towards better health for all. This requires professional, coordinated and optimized operational support that creates good conditions for education and research of the highest quality. 

- In the work with KI's strategic focus areas, a picture has emerged where KI’s core activities experience a distance to the professional services, as well as perceptions that the support does not always correspond to the needs of the activities. With the help of the operational plan, we want to bring clarity and facilitate dialogue about the ongoing work to ensure that we support both core activities and the management functions, says Veronika Sundström.

An easier way to get an overview of KI's professional services 

In recent years, there has not been a coherent process for operational planning. Much of the work has concentrated on KI's long-term and overall Strategy 2030, but it has not always been clear what each department prioritizes or contributes with.

Now that a new model has been introduced, there have been three main requirements for the process. 

- Operational planning should promote internal dialogue, have a format that suits the variety of activities that exist within the professional services and finally involve as little additional administrative work as possible, says Peter Brandberg, business controller at KI.

Dialogue-based follow-up linked to KI's strategic focus areas

During the year, the University director will follow up the operational plans in dialogue with each manager. Depending on the area, other parts of KI will be involved for joint discussions. In some cases, processes and reporting models are already in place and can continue to be used as before.

The operational plan also highlights KI's strategic focus areas, and their progress is reported back to the entire university management on a quarterly basis.

During the year, work will begin on reviewing the common governance, planning and follow-up process for the whole of KI. Within this framework, the basis for the operational plan can serve as an inspiration and a starting point.

Operational plan in PDF for printing (Swedish)