Published: 17-10-2023 16:30 | Updated: 18-10-2023 15:07

Upgrade of on October 19 - website closed for maintenance in the evening

On Thursday, October 19, starting after 7 p.m., a major upgrade will be done on The upgrade means that the website will be closed for maintenance for at least 2 hours. The shutdown affects,, and

While the update is in progress, ALL visitors will be greeted with a "technical maintenance" page. All important phone numbers and logins to common services for students and staff can be found on this page.

The upgrade involves a technical transition to Drupal 10 and multisite. Visitors will not notice any difference from before.

For editors, Drupal 10 means a new, more spacious editor interface. All functions are the same as before, except one, namely creating linked headings. Instructions for how to do this will be updated in the manual.