Published: 14-03-2024 08:47 | Updated: 14-03-2024 08:47

Update of on March 14

On Thursday 14 March after 7 pm will be updated, including, and While the update is in progress, some downtime may occur and you will not be able to log in and work in the web publishing system.

The update contains the following that you as a visitor or editor may notice:

Beta version of research information database

A search function where you can search and filter information from KI RIMS. This first version includes the possibility to filter people, publications and research groups by topic.

Link to where the search function will come on Friday!

Bug fixes

Group pages: It is now fine to use "Wide" again on group pages without it looking weird.

Strange URL:s. We've removed the google strings that were added to the URL when moving between sites.