Published: 25-07-2023 11:42 | Updated: 17-08-2023 08:50

The commuter bus stop is moved in Solna due to the work on Akademiska stråket

A first partial phase of work on Akademiska stråket begins in the period 24 July - 17 August, which runs from the Aula Medica and all the way to the Berzelius laboratory, along Nobels väg, Nanna Svartz väg and Berzelius väg.

During this period, the Commuter bus stop is moved from Nobels väg to the Karolinska Institutet Västra stop (at the bus stop for bus 72) on Tomtebodavägen.

There will also be a new stop for on/off boarding at the old main entrance to Karolinska Sjukhuset (KS), on Karolinska vägen.

Boarding will first take place at the old main entrance at KS and then the bus will continue to KI and the new temporary stop at Karolinska Institutet Västra, on Tomtebodavägen.

The work is divided into different stages, where stage 1 focuses on the area between Aula Medica, KI Admin and the Medical Association, as well as part of the walking area on the southern part of Nanna Svartz väg.

Each sub-stage is then divided into smaller work areas in order to cater for accessibility to disabled parking, deliver deliveries to cargo entrances (applies to the Medical Association) and for walking and cyclists. Other traffic is asked to take other routes during the work.

Information about the remaining partial stops will be provided on an ongoing basis, as well as how the commuter bus stops are affected. For questions or concerns, please refer to project manager Krister Magnelöv at Akademiska Hus,


Best regards Akademiska Hus and the Facility department.