Published: 2020-09-02 15:21 | Updated: 2020-09-10 13:28

Routines for support and service during the COVID-19 pandemic

All support and services at MEB is available, but with changed routines to ensure everyone's safety.

Executive group/head of department

For all matters send an email to or Gunilla Sonnebring. Gunilla is at MEB most days. For signatures we have a digital solution and the head of administration and the vice heads are available for real signatures one day a week.


HR is staffed with one person at MEB daily. If you need to reach them please use

For new personnel KI-ID and login details will be sent to the manager and the IDAC administrators, who will inform the employee.


IT support is staffed with one person at MEB daily. If you need to reach them please use

For new personnel MEB-ID and login details will be handed out by MEB-IT or sent to the manager, who will inform the employee. 

Internal services

Opening hours for Internal services are 08.00-14.00 all weekdays, either Frida (08-524 85000) or Frank (08-524 86100) will be at MEB. You can call them during office hours, 08.00-17.00 or send and email to or

To get a key card for new staff go to Aula Medica with a signed form, the manager, HR or the facility manager, Erika Nordenhagen, can sign it for you. You can get the form at the reception. When you have the card send the card number and the four digit code you want to the reception to have it activated.

Deliveries and postal services are handled by internal services as usual.

Staff meeting/faculty events/seminars/dissertations

The staff meeting is held on zoom 9.30 every Monday. Faculty events are held most Tuesdays 11.00 on zoom. Seminars, admission seminars and dissertations are all held on zoom. The links to all the above are sent out by the organiser as well as posted in the calendar online.