Published: 20-06-2022 10:40 | Updated: 24-08-2022 08:50

Preventive measures to minimize the risk of theft

Here is a reminder of actions that we all should think about and act on.

  • Always carry your KI card visible, if a card is missing, employees have the right to ask who you are.
  • Look behind you as you pass through a locked door. If someone wants to sneak in with you, you should ask to see the person's KI card.
  • Do not let anyone in who cannot identify themselves. Refer the person to the reception or to the employee the person is here to visit.
  • External visits must either be referred to a reception or met by the person responsible for the visit.
  • Keep in mind that the automatic door openers open a door for about 20 seconds, unauthorized people can then easily sneak in.
  • Follow visitors out through our locked doors/areas and further out through the entrance.
  • If an unauthorized person is in our premises, call the Campus guard at Campus Solna: 08-524 864 29 or Campus Flemingsberg 08-524 860 60.

If a theft or vandalism occurs

  • Make a police report.
  • Report the incident in KI's incident reporting system. Be detailed with time, place, building, room, etc. Attach the registration number from the police report.
  • Call the Campus guard for an assessment of whether further measures are necessary, depending on the situation.

The security unit wishes everyone a pleasant summer.