Published: 2020-10-12 15:52 | Updated: 2020-10-13 12:56

Major mandatory update of Windows 10

Windows 10 logotype.

If you have a computer with an earlier version of Windows 10, you need to perform a mandatory update of the operating system. The update can take up to two hours, however installed programs/applications will not be affected by the update.

The update will be launched gradually starting with computers within Coordinated IT Operations (“Samordnad IT”), starting from 14 October 2020 with the Central Administration (UF). The update will then be available for the remaining department on an ongoing basis.

The update is mandatory and cannot be opted out. If your computer is not updated with the Microsoft Windows security updates which are made available, it will be considered a security risk after a while.

As a user, you will be prompted to perform an upgrade by an installation dialog. You can postpone the update up to 14 times. After that, the update will start automatically, without considering what you are currently working on. We recommend that you update your computer as soon as possible and at a time that suits you.

About the update - please note that: 

  • If the download is interrupted or the battery runs out during the update, it may cause your computer to stop working properly and it may need to be reinstalled.
  • During the installation process, your computer will restart several times. This is perfectly normal and nothing you need to be worried about.
  • The installation is complete as soon as the computer displays the logon window and should then function as usual.
Windows with the text"A Windows 10 feature update is required, this can take up to two hours.

Note! If the installation dialog does not show, you already have the update installed and do not need to do anything.

Please note that you do not have to come to campus to download the update. It can easily be done from home if you are connected via VPN. 

Launch the update yourself

You can also launch the update from Software Center when it suits you. You will it under the "Operating System" tab in Software Center available in the Start menu. Remember to save and close open documents during the update.

You can start the update from the tab "operating system".

Before launching your update keep in mind that:

  • The update can last up to two hours
  • You need to be connected to a power source
  • You need a reliable internet connection
  • You can run the update from home, provided you have a VPN connection

Choose a time for the update that suits you and preferably when you will not need your computer, for example:

  • after your working day has ended
  • during a long lunch
  • early in the morning if you will not be using your computer during this time.

Already installed programs will not be affected

Programs already installed on your computer will not affected and will remain on your computer after the update.


If you experience problems after the update, please contact KI’s central IT Support at