Published: 16-05-2023 10:33 | Updated: 16-05-2023 10:48

Increased cooling capacity in the apparatus and freezer niches in Biomedicum

Cooling ventilation in the freeze and apparatus niches in Biomedicum will be improved by exchanging one cooler in each niche for a type with higher capacity. This work will be managed by Akademiska Hus


The work begins with block A4 and takes one week per block as below:

  • A4: 15 May 
  • B4: 22 May
  • C4: 29 May
  • D4: 5 May
  • A5: 12 June
  • and so on until D9.

The quarters on floors 4 and 5 are planned to be ready before July.

Additional information

The niches have to be emptied. - 80 º freezers that need to be moved will be connected to the freezer alarm system and emergency power outlets elsewhere in the building. Some of the - 20 º  freezers and refrigerators, and other items have to be moved to free working space for the ventilation technicians. The company Movator/REXAB will move freezers and other heavy equipment.

Further information and details will be provided from FM to each quarter according to above schedule. 


Contact persons at FM:  Katrin Pütsep and Boje Persson