Published: 16-09-2023 14:50 | Updated: 16-09-2023 14:54

Fire safety inspections 11-22 September

During the dates 11 -22 September 2023, Biomedicum fire safety supervisor Jennie Eldh Bastman will carry out fire safety inspections in Biomedicum. Safety representatives have been offered to accompany and may also be present.

These two full days have been set aside to check that Biomedicum's operations comply with applicable KI rules and legal requirements in the area of fire safety.

Please note that there are no predetermined dates when each inspection will begin in each individual block/area. Most likely the inspection will start from floor 10 and work downwards floor by floor.

More information about what will be checked during the inspection has been sent to everyone by e-mail.

Results and information about any action points from these inspections will be sent out per block to the group leaders.

For questions, please contact Jennie Eldh Bastman.