Published: 23-09-2022 11:35 | Updated: 08-11-2022 11:27

Energy-saving measures within Karolinska Institutet

According to Government Decision as of 8/9 2022, State authorities must introduce appropriate energy saving measures, due to current electricity prices and limited availability of electricity this coming winter.

Furthermore, the authority must report the amount of electricity purchased during the measurement period and report which energy-saving measures have been taken, to the Energy Authority. The reporting starts in October 2022 and continues until April 2023.

Karolinska Institutet is now reviewing how we can implement energy-saving measures in different ways. As a first step, we will review lighting that we can turn off that is not necessary, and where possible lower the indoor temperature by 1 degree.

It is important that we all help save energy and think about our behavior. The use of any cabin heaters, heating elements or heating blankets in the offices is avoided, as it counteracts the effect of our lowering the temperature, as they use a lot of electricity. We suggest that you work standing if possible and put on a thicker sweater instead.

We can all contribute by reducing electricity use in different ways and below are some simple tips that are important to follow.

  • Always turn off the lights when no one is in the room.
  • Turn off computers, screens and copiers etc. after working hours.
  • Do not keep windows open, but ventilate only briefly if necessary.
  • Make sure to buy equipment with the best energy class.

The Facility department