Published: 06-03-2024 10:42 | Updated: 06-03-2024 10:42

Changes in the NEO house from 2024-03-11

The part of the spiral staircase, on the Hälsovägs side, which today connects floor 4 with floor 5 in the NEO building will be from Monday 2024-03-11 to be permanently closed. This is because the NEO house has had problems with unauthorized persons entering the building via the entrance on floor 4 (from Hälsovägen) and further up to the upper floors.

What consequences does this entail?

  • Widerströmska high school, which is currently housed on floor 4, will have no access via the spiral staircase to floor 5.
  • Widerströmska high school will from 2024-03-11 evacuate via other routes in connection with the school, not as before, via the spiral staircase to floor 5.
  • KI's staff must from Monday 2024-03-11 not use the entrance on level 4 when entering and exiting, but may instead use the entrance at Blickagången for entering and exiting.
  • KI evacuation is not altered.