Published: 12-12-2014 11:03 | Updated: 12-11-2015 10:37

Official Opening of the new BZ Laboratory

Foto: Stefan Zimmerman

In December the "new" Berzelius Laboratory (BZ) was officially opened at campus Solna as a part of the ongoing modernisation and development of KI's future learning environments.

On the day of the opening, December 3rd, the students could visit the different units at BZ that all support teaching at Karolinska Institutet. At the Education Support office the students could learn more about

  • Studying abroad
  • KI’s master programmes
  • Studying with disabilities
  • How to improve one's study techniques
  • Career advises
  • How to become a KI-ambassador

Foto: Stefan ZimmermanAt the student health centre and the Health Promotion zone, students could learn more about a healthy lifestyle, they could make suggestions for a future campus gym and even test their strength and balance. The University Library offered several short lectures, Professor Martin Ingvar for instance was talking about how our lifestyle can affect our health and our brain. Even the Centre for Learning and Knowledge organized short lectures and students could visit CLK's sound- and video studio.

As part of the BZ opening, the Rolf Bergin eLearning Innovation Award was handed out. This award is awarded annually to a student whose innovative ideas in the area of e-learning have the potential to transform education and encourage students to be actively engaged.

This year's winner is Beatrice L'Estrade Ehrström, student in the medical program. Her winning idea is a mobile game that serves as an interactive platform where students can learn more about medical ethics. Beatrice now gets the opportunity to make her idea a reality in cooperation with CLK.