Published: 26-11-2021 16:40 | Updated: 29-11-2021 08:54

NVS's Environment and Sustainability Agents are up and running

NVS's Environment and Sustainability Agents Daniel Ferreira and Vanja Berggren. Photo: Selma Wolofsky and Annika Clemes.

”Cool” says Daniel Ferreira Padilla and Vanja Berggren about their new assignments as Environmental and Sustainability Agents at NVS, which they assumed just over a year ago.

What does the assignment mean?

”The assignment is very interesting - it feels like being part of the start-up of a work that will mean a lot in the near future. We are honored to share this role, both of us, and be involved in influencing the creation, development, and execution of KI's central Environmental and Sustainability Plan from the beginning. This effort includes a large source of materials, links, courses, etc. All these pieces of information are now ready to be distributed to employees and students.”

Do you have any collaboration with other departments?

”Yes, we do: KI central introduced us at an early stage to a network of Sustainability Agents at KI, where we meet regularly for exchange of experience, support and education.”

Is the work independent with a focus on the department or does KI try to keep all this work coordinated?

”Both and, we would say, in a reasonable balance. We feel that local independence is supported and reflected by this new KI central Environmental and Sustainability Network. We also perceive a great sensitivity towards what is happening locally and, if needed, we feel supported and helped by colleagues who are responsible for Environmental and Sustainability Development, centrally at KI.”

The global goals Photo:

How closely do you work with the head of department in this work?

”We report regularly to the head of department via the Work Environment Group at NVS. An example of our collaboration with the head of department is our recent meeting with the Executive Group. We were invited to attend the meeting and present what has been done centrally as well as present our own assignment. The meeting was very useful to highlight the important role of managers and leaders at NVS in the continued work.”

What have you done so far at NVS?

”We have attended Division meetings at all NVS divisions and presented ourselves and our role/assignment. We have also participated on central training and Sustainability Conferences. We have disseminated information locally and, among other things, contributed to the start-up of a local environmental and sustainability group. We also participated in the analysis of HR PULS on impact of COVID on work-private life balance, work environment and sustainable work at home, etc. We created and coordinated a working group for the entire discussion and results came up with measures that we sent as our proposal to NVS leadership. We recently gave a workshop at the Executive Group meeting. We discussed what we could develop both at the different divisions, but also jointly at NVS. Laboratory environments were highlighted as a good example of good awareness about environment and waste management. However, NVS has the potential to improve certain aspects of the waste management system. Another point of potential development is travelling for work purposes: how can we keep travelling on reasonable levels after the pandemic? Other discussion points that emerged are how can we improve NVS and KI by incorporating Sustainability Goal 3 (everyone's best health) and Goal 5 (Gender Equality) and Goal 10 (Reducing inequality).”

What are your plans for the coming year?

”A wish going forward is to start a council under NVS that focuses on Environment and Sustainable Development. The idea is based on the initiative that NVS doctoral students have implemented for two years and was called Inner Sustainability Week. We, like doctoral students, embrace Agenda 2030's environment and sustainability by including Social, internal and environmental sustainability (i.e. the whole of everyone's health). We think that such a council could serve several good purposes.”

What do you think is the best and/or most important part of this assignment?

”The best thing about this assignment is to really feel that we are one KI and that our work contributes to spreading this feeling! Of course, the most important thing about this assignment is to concretize and be part of the journey to realize Agenda 2030 in all parts of the organization.”