Published: 06-05-2022 13:11 | Updated: 21-06-2022 09:29

Nominations now open for KI Lifestyle4Health Best Paper Award 2022

Illustration of one hand holding a coin, giving it to another hand, holding a light bulb.
Image downloaded from Pixabay. Photo: Public domain

The KI Lifestyle4Health “Best paper award 2022” is an initiative aimed to reward scientists in early stages of their career for outstanding work.

New application deadline is July 15th 2022

Nominations need to include the following documents:

  • The scientific paper for the award
  • A letter from the supervisor (or a senior co-author on the paper) confirming that the applicant has the responsibility for the work
  • A popular science article (2500 characters including spaces) and the publication abstract describing the content of the paper (the winning article will be published on the KI Lifestyle4Health website)
  • Documentation proofing the applicant's affiliation to Karolinska Institutet.

More information about the Eligibility/Application procedure and the Award is to be found at KI Lifestyle4Health: Best paper award for junior researchers


Jhon Álvarez Ahlgren Administrative Officer