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Published: 2019-11-13 15:52 | Updated: 2019-11-26 16:43

Nominate KI's next vice president

Between November 26 - December 17, all students and staff are welcome to nominate candidates to be KI's next vice president.

Nomination process

KI students, teachers and other staff members are invited to nominate candidates during the three-week nomination period. All nominations must be submitted via the KI Registrar before December 17, 2019 at 23:59. See the position requirements below.

Submit your nominations to KI's Registrar:

Vice President nomination, dnr 1-951/2019 (email with pre-filled recipient and subject line opens)

State the name, position, department and email address of your nominee(s). Use the pre-completed email link above. If you wish you can also submit your nomination(s) by internal or regular mail to the registrar (if, for instance, you would like to remain anonymous) or in person.

Nominations must be received by the registrar by midnight on December 17.

Registrar’s address and office hours

Nobels väg 5, Solna

171 77 Stockholm

Office hours:

Mon-Thurs 9:00 - 11:30 and 13:00 – 15:30

Fri 9:00 - 11:30 and 13:00 - 15:00

Vice President position requirements

Kl is a government authority headed by the university president. The vice president is the president's deputy and must be active and well-versed in one of KI's core operations. The assignment includes combining academic leadership with the requirements of parliament and the government. KI's role and network extends far beyond the borders of the country, and the needs and requirements of international stakeholders must always be taken into account.

The vice president shall:

  • have a high level of integrity and be a trustworthy representative of KI
  • have demonstrated strong leadership skills
  • have the ability to collaborate well with others
  • have the ability to combine the protection of academic freedom with the university's role as a government authority
  • be an internationally recognized and respected researcher
  • have documented educational skills
  • be well acquainted with the medical field
  • have a good understanding of how a medical university collaborates with the healthcare sector
  • have good communication skills in Swedish and English

The vice president should complement the president with their knowledge and experience. The vice president will support the president in the implementation of Strategy 2030 and develop the academic culture at KI based on high ethical standards and our values. The vice president should also be able to work actively with internationalization.

KI is committed to protecting diversity, equality and equal conditions within the university. The vice president must share this commitment, as well as a commitment to sustainability in all parts of the organization. Qualified applicants must fulfill the requirements for employment as a professor or senior lecturer.

Recruitment process for KI's new vice president

Steering committee

The KI University Board has established a steering committee that will lead the process. The steering committee is responsible for establishing the position requirements; soliciting input from teachers, other employees and students; and proposing final candidates to the university board.

Steering committee members:

  • Mikael Odenberg, Chairman, KI University Board
  • Lisa Sennerby-Forsse, Vice Chairman, KI University Board
  • Ole Petter Ottersen, KI President
  • Paul Dickman, Professor and teacher representative, KI University Board
  • Leif Karlsson, President, Medical Students' Association
  • B. Torkel Falkenberg, Researcher and Chairman, Saco-S Board at KI

Search committee

A search committee supports the work of the steering committee by seeking, assessing and proposing suitable candidates for the position of vice president.

Search committee members:

  • Ole Petter Ottersen, KI President
  • Katarina Bjelke, University Director
  • Sophie Erhardt (FYFA), Chairman, Election Committee of the Nominating Assembly
  • Gunnar Nilsson (MedS), Vice Chairman, Election Committee of the Nominating Assembly

Consultative Assembly

The Consultative Assembly, consisting of 81 members of the Nominating Assembly, 23 student representatives appointed by the student unions, and 23 members appointed by the staff organizations, will provide input regarding the steering committee’s proposed candidates.

Preliminary timetable

Week 42 - 48

  • Administrative preparations begin
  • Information about the process published on the KI Staff Portal and in student and staff newsletters
  • Student unions and staff organizations appoint members to the Consultative Assembly

Week 48

  • Steering Committee meets: November 25
  • Nomination period opens: KI teachers, students and other staff are invited to nominate candidates between November 26 - December 17
  • Search committee begins its work

Week 49 - Week 5

  • Search committee prepares and submits proposals to the steering committee
  • Steering committee interviews candidates and selects finalists to be presented to the Consultative Assembly

Week 5

  • Open hearings held at KI Campus Solna and KI Campus South: January 30

Week 6

  • University director calls the Consultative Assembly to a first meeting
  • The Consultative Assembly reviews and ranks the final candidates
  • Steering committee submits its proposals to the University Board

Week 8

  • The University Board appoints the new vice president on February 17, 2020

Spring 2020

  • New vice president assumes office