Published: 14-11-2023 17:19 | Updated: 14-11-2023 17:19

No storage on top of fridge/freezer permitted

Due to the risk of ignition, it is not approved according to KI's fire safety rules to store combustible material on top of fridges or freezers. KI’s Safety and Security Unit has pointed out that this rule also apply to plastic boxes.

The only approved solution if storage is needed on top of freezers/fridges is metal cabinets (often named as “överskåp”.) Note that the ventilation for fridges/freezers must be good and it is therefore not approved to stack things on top of the metal cabinet, i.e. all storage should be inside the cabinet.

The procured supplier “Hela Köket Stockholm AB” should be used for the purchase. You find KI framwork agreement catalog here.