Published: 26-06-2023 10:55 | Updated: 28-06-2023 08:55

Nine students successfully presented and defended their thesis for a master's degree in odontology in 2023

The picture shows all doctoral students who defended their thesis in 2023
The names are from left to right: Angelika Silbereisen, Nikolce Tudzarovski, Nagihan Bostanci, Rachael Sugars, Carina Krüger Weiner, Mattias Ulmner, Pallavi Khattar, Mae Suliman. Photo: Nagihan Bostanci.

The Department of Dental Medicine continues to develop clinical researchers through freestanding courses at advanced level leading to either a master's degree (120 credits) in odontology or a master's degree (60 credits) in oral health or dental technology.

In 2023, nine candidates successfully defended their thesis and passed the examination. We would like to congratulate the following successful candidates and warmly thank the involved educators, supervisors and examiners for their dedication to the course.

Majed Saleh Aloglah

Thesis title: Oral Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease (cGVHD): Biological Markers and Histopathological Presentations. A Systematic Review
Supervisor(s): Rachael Sugars
External examiner: Johanna Simin

Jessica Tarander

Thesis title: Evaluation of two different treatment methods in children with carious lesions in primary molars
Supervisor(s): Annika Julihn
External examiner: Therese Kvist

Elisabeth Augustinsson Palmqvist

Thesis title: Long-term results of preventive and non-operative management of periodontal diseases: A registry-based cohort study
Supervisor(s): Nagihan Bostanci, Nivetha Gavriilidou
External examiner: Eva Nordendahl

Aafreen Gillani Haji

Thesis title: The Effect of vitamin D supplementation on Periodontal and Peri-Implant Health. A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Supervisor(s): Elena Calciolari, Nagihan Bostanci, Benedetta Ghezzi
External examiner: Johanna Simin

Mae Suliman

Thesis title: The use of anamnestic data to assess sleep bruxism in patients with extensive tooth wear without TMD complaints
Supervisor(s): Wedad Hammoudi
External examiner: Abhishek Kumar

Berfin Shamlou

Thesis title: Accuracy of three-dimensional scanning of the palatal gingiva- comparison of direct intraoral versus indirect scanning
Supervisor(s): Niels Ganzer, Reinhilde Jacobs
External examiner: Agneta Karsten

Pallavi Khattar

Thesis title: Inflammatory Profile in Disc Displacement of the Temporomandibular Joint
Supervisor(s): Rachael Sugars, Mattias Ulmner
External examiner: Carina Krüger Weiner

Matteo Ghorbani

Thesis title: Influence of prosthodontic rehabilitation on orofacial esthetics in patients with extensive tooth wear
Supervisor(s): Wedad Hammoudi
External examiner: Mats Trulsson

Emma Hallenstål

Thesis title: The use of EMG-devices to diagnose sleep bruxism in participants with extensive tooth wear without TMD complaints
Supervisor: Wedad Hammoudi
External examiner: Hajer Jasim

Course Coordinator and Examiner: Prof Nagihan Bostanci

Course Instructor and Lecturer: Dr Angelika Silbereisen

Course Administrator: Cecilia Vestlind