Published: 06-12-2021 14:28 | Updated: 06-12-2021 14:45

News from the project Clinicum - organized support for clinical research

Erik Melén.
Erik Melén. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

The Clinicum project started in May. It aims to create a joint support to facilitate clinical research within KI and the Stockholm Region. Erik Melén, leader of the project group, gives us an update.

It can be difficult for an individual researcher or research group to maintain all the technical and personnel infrastructure needed to conduct clinical research. With a collaboration on different forms of resources, it is possible to create the conditions for continued good and broad clinical research. The project Clinicum is therefore a collaboration between KI and the larger healthcare providers in the region.

Erik Melén, professor of pediatrics, leads the project group that does the preparatory work before the project is transferred to an organization.

How far have you come in the project today?

– In recent weeks, very exciting things has happened in the Clinicum project. The model with the nodes is in place, seminars have been launched, inventories of existing resources and research support have been carried out and more than 500 clinical researchers have responded to a questionnaire about the needs that exist in the organization. We have also established a reference group for processes around the collection and analysis of health data and we will have a first meeting this December.

What happens next?

– We are now compiling all information from inventories and surveys and have already submitted preliminary proposals on how we can strengthen access to methodological support, ie biostatisticians, bioinformatics, data managers, etc., and received very positive feedback from Clinicum's steering group. The next step will be to produce detailed proposals for such things as data management and method support for the long-term Clinicum organization. We are also working on support to translational clinical research that often includes large, complex amounts of data (for example genomics data) together with, among others, SciLifeLab, the Precision Medical Center Karolinska and Genomic Medicine Sweden.

Kick-off and network meeting - save the date!
– We are also planning an official Kick-off Clinicum and network meeting for clinical researchers in the afternoon of 16 February 2022. The invitation will come, but please note the date already now. Then we will present Clinicum and our ideas in more detail and also get an overview of various support functions for clinical researchers that are already established at KI and within the Region.

Method seminars
– We also want to recommend our method seminars in biostatistics, bioinformatics and data management, which we arrange with, among others, Clinicum's Huddingenod - Center for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (CBB). The seminars are targeted for all researchers and analysts who work with health data and clinical data in some way, either at KI or within the Region. Information about the seminars will be found on the project's website and in the web calendar.

What is the best thing about the project?

– The positive energy and willingness to improve and develop clinical research at KI and in the Region! There is no doubt that there is a need for a coordinating function, and I am convinced that this initiative will give much added value to our clinical research.


Erik Melén Professor/specialist physician