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During an open meeting on 17 May at KI campus Flemingsberg, employees from KI and Karolinska University Hospital could hear more about the Karolinska ATMP Center and what it offers researchers or clinicians working with drugs for advanced therapies. Matti Sällberg, Dean of KI South and acting director of the center, answers three questions about the opportunities available.
Audience: Medarbetare
Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have succeeded in delivering targeted cancer treatment via small membrane bubbles that our cells use to communicate. A new study published in Nature Biomedical Engineering shows that the treatment reduces tumour growth and improves survival in mice.
Sweden and the USA have previously enjoyed strong collaboration in the field of cancer care and research, and now it is further strengthened through a bilateral agreement. The purpose is to promote exchange between the two countries in both cancer research and the implementation of this research within cancer care, including both prevention and improved quality of life.
Karolinska University Hospital's Director Björn Zoëga and Karolinska Institutet's President Annika Östman Wernerson have signed an agreement to establish a joint center for advanced cell, gene and tissue therapies.
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