Published: 21-02-2022 09:13 | Updated: 21-02-2022 09:13

New web search on

A new web search is launched on As a user will not notice any major changes, except we hope that the new search features provide more relevant and better answers than the old one. The new web search will be tested during a trial period of about six months, and then evaluated.

On February 17, 2022, KI's new web search Google Programmable Search was launched. It is a Google service that basically works like a regular Google search, but the answers are only retrieved from websites that have a KI-related domain name, for example "".

The advantages of Google Programable Search are mainly that it uses Google's search algorithms, which means that the hit results are better. This search function is also not as maintenance-intensive as the old solution, which means that the costs will be very low. The disadvantages are that it does not give hits on the pages on the employee portal that require you to have logged in. It also does not provide the same opportunities for graphic adaptations, for example, you will no longer see a picture of the person on the search result pages.

During the autumn of 2022, an evaluation of the new search function will take place and then a decision will be made on permanence, return to the old search function, or to look at alternative solutions.

If you have any comments, or discover something that does not seem to work in the new search, contact:

Rickard Carlsson

Communications officer


Rickard Carlsson Communications officer