Published: 28-04-2022 15:17 | Updated: 28-04-2022 15:23

New version of Zoom available in Software center

In the latest release there are several new useful features, some of them listed below. The latest version is available for download via Software center.

Virtual Whiteboard in Zoom

Zoom Whiteboard

A virtual Whiteboard function where you can draw / illustrate your ideas during the meeting.

Zoom Polls

If you want to make your meeting or teaching via Zoom more interactive, there is the built-in survey / quiz function "Polls".

View Breakout Rooms activities from main session

Hosts can get an idea of how active their breakout rooms are by viewing the list of open breakout rooms. Each participant in those breakout rooms will show their current video and audio status, if they are sharing their screen, and any active reactions or nonverbal feedback.

Enhancement to Waiting Room participants order

Hosts can choose to sort the list of participants in the waiting room in chronological or alphabetical order. 

Read more about the latest release from Zoom