Published: 07-03-2011 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:24

New University Director at Karolinska Institutet

[PRESS RELEASE 2011-03-03] Bengt Norrving has been appointed as Karolinska Institutet´s new University Director, starting 1 March 2011. He has been working as acting University Director since the beginning of this year, and prior to that he was Administrative Director.

Bengt NorrvingPhoto: Camilla Svensk

The University Director has overall responsibility for Karolinska Institutet´s activities with respect to administrative, legal and financial matters, and he is also in charge of the University Administration.

"The university´s management team is very pleased that Bengt Norrving has accepted this challenging post. We have the utmost confidence in him, since he has been working closely with the management team for many years and so has a considerable amount of experience and knowledge of the organisation, as well as a network of significant contacts," says Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, President.

Bengt Norrving has a PhD in Political Science from Lund. He was President of Hälsohögskolan (School of Health Sciences) in Stockholm 1996-97 when it became incorporated into Karolinska Institutet, and has held various positions at the university since then.

Karolinska Institutet´s former University Director, Karin Röding, left Karolinska Institutet at the end of last year to take up the position of President of Mälardalen University in April 2011.

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