Published: 31-10-2022 12:44 | Updated: 31-10-2022 12:45

New travel agreement from December 1st

We will change travel agency to GBT-AMEX

On December 1, we will change travel agency to GBT-AMEX (Amex Global Business Travel), a new profile will then need to be built for you at GBT-AMEX.
For GBT-AMEX to have time to build all profiles before the start date, an email has been sent today to everyone who has a traveler profile. (this is not SPAM).

All information from you is sent to GBT-AMEX which builds your base profile. All products that are in the current agreement, such as ordering by mail, phone and online, will be in the new agreement

We will hold training in the new online tool, link to training will be sent to you the day before.

• 23 Nov 11.00 Swedish

• 24 Nov 09.00 English

We will also record this for those who cannot participate on these days.

On 25/11 you will receive a welcome email with more detailed information about how to use your profile at the start of December 1st, other information regarding this new travel agency agreement will also be posted on the employee portal on the same day.

For qeustions contact
Kjell-Ove Lindgren
Tel: +46(0)8-524 866 94
Travel Manager KI