Published: 04-04-2017 14:00 | Updated: 04-04-2017 14:05

New thesis on how to prevent and treat complicated form of peptic ulcer

Emma Sverdén from the group "Upper GI Surgery" will defend her thesis "Complicated peptic ulcer disease : prevention and treatment" on April 7, 2017. Main Supervisor is Professor Jesper Lagergren.

What's the main focus of your thesis?

How to prevent and treat complicated forms of peptic ulcer.

Which are the most important results?

  • That a minimal surgical approach that stops the bleeding locally is probably to prefer compared to resectional surgery for peptic ulcer bleeding
  • That endovascular treatment is to prefer before surgery for severe ulcer bleeding where endoscopic interventions have failed to stop the bleeding, if available.
  • That diabetes and ulcer history might increase the risk of ulcer with difficult healing after obesity surgery (gastric bypass), but that lower doses of anti-inflammatory drugs might not be harmful as earlier throught.
  • That eradication therapy for Helicobacter pylori after peptic ulcer diagnosis should not be delayed, which is often the case today. Even rather short delays seem to increase the risk for ulcer recurrence and ulcer complications.

How can this new knowledge contribute to the improvement of people’s health?

  • By contributing with knowledge that can be used in clinical decision-making in patients with severe peptic ulcer bleeding
  • By increasing the knowledge of the origin of ulcers after obesity surgery
  • By highlighting the importance of early eradication of Helicobacter pylori in peptic ulcer patients

What are your future ambitions?

- I will return to my clinical work as a surgeon at the department of upper gastrointestinal surgery at Södersjukhuset. I hope to be able to continue with clinical research in some form from there.


Friday April 7, 2017


Complicated peptic ulcer disease : prevention and treatment