Published: 16-05-2023 09:08 | Updated: 01-06-2023 09:14

New switchboard system - how it will affect you

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On 7 June at 08.00, KI will change the telephone switchboard which will lead to a few changes for staff.

The switchboard and referral system that KI has had for many years is being replaced by a modern, cloud-based communication platform called Telia Touchpoint Plus (TPP).

Telia remains as operator, so you do not need to change the SIM-card you are using today.

While the switchboard is replaced

Between 06.00 on 6 June and 07.00 on 7 June, Telia will carry out the replacement.

  • Your phone will work for incoming and outgoing calls during this period.
  • It will be your mobile number that is displayed when making outgoing calls.
  • You will not be able to call any five-digit speed numbers.
  • You will not be able to access your voicemail. If you have any saved voicemails, these need to be listened to before 06.00 on 6 June.
  • We recommend that you restart your mobile phone after 08.00 on 7 June for everything to connect properly.

New app: Telia Touchpoint Plus

The most significant change for you as a user is that you get access to a phone app. In this app you will be able to, among other things:

  • Search for numbers to users within the switchboard solution (KI staff).
  • Call other users.
  • Manage your referrals.
  • Manage your voicemail.
  • Change the display of outgoing number to, for example, your mobile number or secret number.
  • Manage response groups.

You will receive an installation SMS by the sender "Touchpoint" to your mobile phone around 07.00, on the morning of 7 June. 

  • Follow the link to begin downloading the Touchpoint Plus App from Google Play/AppStore.
  • When you activate the app and are prompted to enter your phone number, enter your mobile number (+467XXXXXXXX). You will then receive a new SMS with an activation code, to enter into the next field.

If you did not receive any SMS or accidentally deleted it - contact Helpdesk.

Get started with the app iOS (Swedish)

Get started with the app Android (Swedish)

Any differences to the existing solution?


To listen in, call 989. From abroad, call +468 52 486 499. You can also access your voicemails in the TPP app. You are encouraged to record a personal greeting so the caller is sure they have reached the right person before leaving a message. To do so, dial 989, and then:

  • press 5
  • read your phrase
  • press 0
  • hang up.


Automatic referrals through calendar connection will work as it does today - meaning, if you have activated a calendar connected referral in the previous system CMG-web, this connection should be transferred to the new system. You make all manual referrals in the TPP app.

NOTE: any saved manual referrals will not be exported in the system change, so you must re-enter these yourself after 7 June.

Speed numbers

You can still dial speed numbers, but your full number is displayed when you make calls. In the future, it may be helpful to save local contacts with the full-length number in the format  +4685248XXXX.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) groups

The previous service for ACD groups (Trio) will be replaced - all groups that are active today will be offered an introduction to the new app that replaces Trio before 7 June.

Updated data limits

Upon transition to the new agreement, the data limits will change as follows:

  • If you have 2 GB or 7 GB, you will get 10 GB.
  • If you have 12 GB, you will get 10 GB or 50 GB, depending on previous usage.
  • If you have 30 GB, you will get 50 GB.
  • If you have 100 GB or unlimited data, you will get 200 GB.

New supplier of swithboard operators

As of 7/6, it will be telephone operators from Coor who answer incoming calls to the switchboard for KI.

Summary: this is what you need to think about

Referrals do not carry over to the new system, so you must re-enter these on 7/6, through the TPP app.

Your voicemail will be emptied, so listen to any messages before 06.00 on 6/6.

Personal greeting phrases will not carry over to the new system, and you need to re-record them as well.

Do you have questions about your subscription or current data limit? Please contact the telephony administrator at your department in the first instance: Telephony administrators

The phone pages on the Staff portal will be updated with current information before the system change take place.


Marie Löwinder System manager