Published: 15-05-2024 13:55 | Updated: 15-05-2024 13:58

New storage limits now applied to M365

The storage volumes for Swedish universities' user licences with Microsoft have changed - now these new volumes will apply at KI.

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In April, we informed about the change that means that each employee now has access to 1 TB of storage in OneDrive, and that each created Team or SharePoint group has a storage limit of 2 TB.

Users who have been over or close to the new 1 TB limit have received an e-mail about this - and now that the new limits have been introduced, users who are exceeding 1 TB will still keep their existing storage volume plus an additional 5 GB. No data will be deleted.

Automatic emails from OneDrive

Once the change takes effect, automatic emails from OneDrive will go out to alert users who are close to their maximum storage volume.

Storage alternatives

If you need larger volumes of storage, the IT Office recommends that you read more about the options available on these pages:

Store and share files

Servers and storage

Do not hesitate to contact the IT Office with any questions!