Published: 27-06-2016 17:10 | Updated: 27-06-2016 19:18

New sign on the Solna campus wall

Skylten vid Solnavägen 1. Foto: Jenny Thorell

Signs with the Karolinska Institutet logo are being updated on the Solna campus. The famous gold-lettered sign on the brick wall to the entrance on Solnavägen 1 has already been replaced.

The new sign – also in gold – includes the Karolinska Institutet seal as well as the name. Two new signs will also be erected along what in a few years time will become the “Akademiska stråket” thoroughfare. The facelift is part of Karolinska Institutet’s signage programme and is intended to protect KI’s brand and unify its design profile.

“Admittedly, the gold logo signs are not part of our regular brand profile manual,” says Maria Deckeman, Brand Manager and the person in charge of the signage programme. “But we’ve decided to keep the gold colour to uphold tradition, while discreetly updating the signs with the seal’s current look and design. These gold signs will only mark the main entrances to the Solna campus.”

The old entrance sign that has been removed will be stored by the Facilities Office, possibly mounted indoors as an artwork or decoration.

About the seal

Right from from the founding more than 200 years ago, Karolinska Institutet has used the seal with the symbols of a snake bowl, the rod of Asclepius and a cockerel as its hallmark. Over the years, the seal gradually changed to suit the requirements of current times, but always retaining its specific character.