Published: 01-03-2023 10:34 | Updated: 01-03-2023 10:34

New routines to prevent fraud

We want to make you aware of ongoing attempted fraud with fake invoices, specifically with incorrect bank details.

For example, in our regular contact with suppliers, imposters high-jack mail conversations attaching new pdf invoices, often with request to replace the original. On the new invoice, banking details are altered, which is explained with information that the suppliers have changed banks. This is often perceived as a valid ongoing conversation with a real supplier, but we are in fact dealing with fraud.

Another example is when a supplier contacts KI regarding an electronic invoice, claiming that it is incorrect, and attaching a new “correct” pdf invoice. In this scenario, we typically also trust that we are having a mail conversation with the actual supplier.

To prevent these attempts at fraud and reducing the risk of paying incorrect invoices , we have introduced new routines and recommendations.
Please ask your financial officer or division administrator for details.