Published: 23-05-2024 17:04 | Updated: 23-05-2024 17:06

New publishing agreements with JMIR Publications, eLife and Copernicus!

From April 1, 2024, (eLife and Copernicus) and June 1 (JMIR) researchers at KI can publish articles open access without having to pay a publication fee in all journals from the publishers JMIR, eLife and Copernicus. The agreements are financed by the Swedish Research Council, Forte, Formas and Vinnova.

The agreements are a result of the research funders' policy decision to jointly fund publications with publishers who only publish fully open access journals and include all of the Bibsam Consortium's participating organisations. Corresponding authors can publish in all of the publishers' journals with no fees for either the author or the university.

Corresponding authors at KI choose Karolinska Institutet as their organisational affiliation when submitting manuscripts and they will then automatically be included in the agreement.


Katarina Amcoff Communications Officer