Published: 26-08-2022 10:58 | Updated: 26-08-2022 13:18

New publication examining cell cycle activity in 13,000 patient samples

Portrait of Arian Lundberg and Nick Tobin.
Arian Lundberg and Nick Tobin Photo: N/A

Arian Lundberg, Nick Tobin, and colleagues have just published their genomic analysis of cell cycle/proliferation activity in over 13,000 normal tissue and tumour samples combined in the journal NPJ Precision Oncology

They show that tumours of gynaecological origin show the highest levels of cell cycle activity after taking normal tissue levels into account. This was partially owing to hormonal signalling and gene expression changes. They also show that normal and tumour tissues can be separated into groups (quadrants) of low/high cell cycle activity and propose the hypothesis of an upper limit on these activity levels in tumours.


Reclassifying tumour cell cycle activity in terms of its tissue of origin.
Lundberg A, Yi JJJ, Lindström LS, Tobin NP
NPJ Precis Oncol 2022 Aug;6(1):59

A post where you can learn about how the analysis was performed and some of the problems that were encountered along the way can be found in this “Behind the paper” commentary on the Nature Cancer Community blog (login may be required)