Published: 24-10-2013 00:00 | Updated: 11-02-2014 15:54

New Professors at Karolinska Institutet 2013

Karolinska Institutet's yearly installation ceremony is held on Thursday October 24 at the Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna. At the ceremony 41 new Professors, of which 16 are Adjunct or Visiting Professors, will be presented. Academic awards and prizes will also be announced.

Professors installed 2013:

  • Catarina Almqvist Malmros, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
  • Johan Askling, Professor of Reumatology, especially Reumatological Epidemiology
  • Kenneth R Chien, Professor of Cardiovascular Research
  • Paul Dickman, Professor of Biostatistics
  • Henrik Ehrsson, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Anna Mia Ekström, Professor of Global Infection Epdidemiology, especially HIV
  • Ata Ghaderi, Professor of Clinical Psychology
  • Robert Harris, Professor of Immunotherapy in Neuroinflammation
  • Moustapha Hassan, Professor of Transplantation Research
  • Eric Herlenius, Professor of Pediatrics with focus on Perinatalogy
  • Anders Hjern, Professor of Social Epidemiology
  • Staffan Holmin, Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg's Endowment Professorship of Clinical Neuroimaging
  • Stefan Jacobson, Professor of Renal Medicine, especially the Cardiorenal Syndrome
  • Jonas Ludvigsson, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
  • Jonas Muhr, Professor of Eukaryotic Molecular Biology
  • Juni Palmgren, Professor of Biostatistics
  • Mikael Rydén, Professor of Clinical and Experimental Fat Tissue Research
  • Johan Sandberg, Professor of Viral Immunology
  • Ivanka Savic Berglund, Professor of Neurology with focus on gender differences
  • Agneta Ståhle, Professor of Physiotherapy
  • Carl Johan Sundberg, Professor of Molecular and Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Per Svenningsson, Professor of Neurology, especially Movement Disorders
  • Christer Svensén, Professor of Anesthesiology
  • Anna Ekéus Thorson, Professor of Global Infection Epdidemiology, especially HIV
  • John Öhrvik, Professor of Clinical Biostatistics

Adjunct and Visiting Professors

  • Ganesh Acharya, Visiting Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Rimma Axelsson, Adjunct Professor of Nuclear Medicine
  • Tom Bellander, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Epidemiology
  • Stefano Cianfarani, Visiting Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology
  • Yigael Finkel, Adjunct Professor of Paediatrics
  • Maria Rosaria Galanti, Adjunct Professor of Public Health Epidemiology
  • Britt Gustafsson, Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics with focus on pediatric hematology
  • Tomas Hemmingsson, Visiting Professor of Sociological Research on Alcohol and Drugs
  • Mats Holmström, Adjunct Professor of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases
  • Eva Kimby, Adjunct Professor of Haematology
  • Tie-Qiang Li, Adjunct Professor of Magnetic Camera Physics
  • Johan Lundin, Visiting professor of Medical Technology with focus on secondary prevention
  • Cecilia Magnusson, Adjunct Professor of Public Health Epidemiology
  • Sven-Erik Sonesson, Adjunct Professor of Paediatric Cardiology
  • Anders Thorell, Adjunct Professor of Surgery
  • Per Wretenberg, Adjunct Professor of Orthopaedics