Published: 19-05-2016 16:05 | Updated: 19-05-2016 16:13

New position as professor in biostatistics announced

The position as professor is in the biostatistics group at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, which at present comprises of around 45 people, including 4 professors, 3 senior lecturers, postdocs, applied biostatisticians and PhD students. The primary activities of the biostatistics group include (i) own research in population-based studies, and in genetic and molecular epidemiology, (ii) collaboration with medical researchers particularly in molecular epidemiology, and (iii) biostatistics teaching both at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Department wants to strengthen the faculty and recruit a world class researcher in biostatistics/bioinformatics. The successful candidate is expected to stimulate growth in his/her own area of biostatistics/bioinformatics, and together with other researchers in the Department develop the field of molecular medicine to a high-level of international competitiveness. He/she is expected to work on the statistical and bioinformatics methodologies for exploiting large-scale clinical and high-throughput molecular and genetic data. The ability to successfully obtain external research funds is highly valued.

For more information, read the advert or contact Professor Yudi Pawitan.

Deadline for the application is Aug 31, 2016.