Published: 15-05-2024 16:05 | Updated: 16-05-2024 10:07

New policy for open access to research data

In line with the FAIR principles and the national guidelines for an open science system, KI has made a formal decision that KI actively shall contribute to open access to research data.

The purpose of the policy is to contribute to good research practice, promote good data management at KI and increase the availability of research data. Open access to research data facilitates review and verification of research results. Increased availability of research data can also improve research quality, reduce double work, increase research impact, prevent research fraud and promote innovation.

What does the policy mean for you as a researcher?

The policy strengthens the view of research data as a scientific contribution. As a researcher at KI, you are thus part of a university that is at the forefront of the transition to an open science system. The policy also provides researchers with clear guidance regarding data publication. The minimum level for KI's researchers is metadata publication, i.e. publishing a data description.

Research Data Office’s support for KI’s researchers

The Research Data Office (RDO) provides qualified support to researchers in matters of data publication; advice on repositories and metadata, teaching and supervision in data management as well as the possibility to publish and share research data in the KI Data Repository.

"With the policy, KI takes a decisive step towards open science. From the Research Data Office, we look forward to offering KI's researchers qualified support when publishing and reusing research data.” – Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl, Head of Unit Compliance & Data Office (CDO), Karolinska Institutet