Published: 08-05-2023 13:45 | Updated: 08-05-2023 14:01

New opening of Supply Center in Biomedicum and quiz-winners

Three women next to each other and golden and blue ballons in the background.
Helena Hatziantoniou, Eva Palmer och Milina Jovanovic at the opening of the new Supply Center 25 April. Photo: Hina Moshin.

Supply Center Biomedicum has existed since moving in in 2018. The idea was that consumables could be easily and efficiently ordered online via the e-commerce module in UBW. However, it didn't quite turn out that way and the idea of ​​setting up a physical store has been lurking ever since.

And now the store is finally ready. It was inaugurated on 25 April and the inauguration was a festive event with a quiz, an exhibition with procured suppliers and goodie bags for the visitors. Close to two hundred people came to the opening to mingle, meet vendors and watch the ribbon be cut.

An image over a sea ​​of ​​people.
Inauguration of det new Support Center. Foto: Hina Moshin.

– It has been a long process to create a functioning Supply Center, but now we can finally welcome all visitors to Floor 2 to purchase the consumables, says Eva Palmer, chief of the Facility Management unit that runs the Supply Center and is responsible for delivering service and support to all employees in Biomedicum. Eva's vision as manager for the unit is for everyone in the team to deliver good service.

- We do that together by creating sustainable ways of working with functional and cost-effective solutions where everyone's contribution is important, says Eva and continues:

- It made me incredibly happy that so many people came to the opening. I am really proud of my colleagues at Facility Management who have all helped make this day happen. An extra big thank you to Helena Hatziantoniou, responsible for the Supply Center, and Milina Jovanovic, who have both worked intensively to get a physical store, says Eva.

Office supplies

With the opening of the physical store, the routines for the sale of office supplies will also change. Those who want to buy office supplies are welcome to Floor 2 during the store's opening hours on weekdays 09.00-12.00.

More about the Supply Center

Follow this link to read more about Supply Centeri Biomedicum.  

Foto: Liza Simonsson

Winners of the quiz-competition

Thanks to everyone who took part in the quiz competition that took place at the store opening! 

The winners are: Phillip Chivers, Törbjörn Morein and Jiacheng Zhu. Congrats! 

Winners are welcome to pick up their prizes at the Supply Center on Floor 2, weekdays between 09:00 and 12:00.


Eva Palmer Head of Unit