Published: 06-12-2022 10:33 | Updated: 06-12-2022 11:07

New national web page to support clinical studies in Sweden

Photo: Clinical Studies Sweden.

Clinical Studies Sweden launches a new national web page to support clinical studies in Sweden. The web page is aimed at researchers, research staff and life science companies that conduct clinical studies in healthcare. On the web page you can find support, services, training and information about the clinical trial units.

Feasibility Sweden - national digital service for researchers and life science companies

Feasibility Sweden provides a point of contact and quick answers to feasibilities to the Swedish healthcare system. The service is aimed at life science companies that want to conduct clinical studies in healthcare as part of their product development, and that need help finding interested investigators and clinics. It is also aimed at academic researchers who want to find collaborators for clinical research studies.

About Clinical Studies Sweden

Clinical Studies Sweden is a national collaboration between 6 healthcare regions in Sweden, supported by the Swedish Research Council. Clinical Studies Sweden develops and offers support and services to researchers, research staff and life science companies to facilitate the implementation of high-quality clinical studies throughout Sweden. They work to ensure that clinical studies are an integral part of health care. It creates the conditions for generating more knowledge, giving more patients the opportunity to participate in studies and, in the long term, providing better healthcare and health.