Published: 10-11-2023 12:31 | Updated: 10-11-2023 12:31

New members from NVS to the Pedagogical Academy

Gabriele Biguet, Lisette Farias Vera, Malin Sellberg, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society.

In the 2023 announcement and assessment process, The Committee for Higher Education has announced five new members to the KI Pedagogical Academy, of which three represent NVS.

Selected from NVS are Gabriele Biguet, assistant senior lecturer at the Division of Physiotherapy, Lisette Farias Vera, postdoctor at the Division of Occupational Therapy and Malin Sellberg, educational developer at UoL and affiliated with the Division of Physical Therapy.

New member is also Ami Fagerdahl at KI SÖS, director of studies for the Study Programme in Specialist Nursing – Operating Room Nursing, where NVS is the programme responsible department. 

The Karolinska Institutet Pedagogical Academy consists of teachers who demonstrate skills above and beyond those seen in ordinary teaching and learning at KI. Their pedagogical efforts have been recognized as particularly important to promoting high quality education.

The Pedagogical Academy was founded in 2011.