Published: 03-02-2017 10:33 | Updated: 06-02-2017 15:18

New medical graduate awarded the Asklepios Prize for best project

The Asklepios Prize for best scientific article and best project was established by the junior doctors’ association of the Swedish Medical Society and is awarded to medical students and pre-registration doctors. The prize for best project in 2016 has gone to Peter Alping, a recent graduate of Karolinska Institutet’s medical programme.

In 2016 Peter Alping was awarded SEK 10,000 for his project entitled “Efficacy and Safety of Rituximab as Compared to Fingolimod for Patients with Highly Active Multiple Sclerosis: A Cohort Study assessing the Risk of Disease Reactivation after Previous Treatment with Natalizumab” at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience.

“I was completely bowled over when I heard,” he said. “I’m extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to make a contribution to an amazingly fascinating and topical research field. Since graduating, I’ve been a full-time researcher as a doctoral student at the Department of Clinical Science, continuing the line of inquiry that my project started with the aim of improving our understanding of the relatively new multiple sclerosis (MS) drugs. MS is a chronic autoimmune disease in which dispersed inflammatory lesions in the brain and spinal cord cause scarring, sclerosis, and damage to nerve tissue.”

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