Published: 10-12-2021 10:51 | Updated: 10-12-2021 10:51

New measures in ANA Futura to limit the spread of COVID-19

Due to the new corona restrictions posted on the 8th December we need to make some changes in our ANA Futura premises to limit the spread of covid-19.

  • Signs with recommended maximum number of people will be posted in our premises.
  • The lunchroom is refurnished with fewer seats.
  • The vacant offices is still available for use.
  • The ANA Futura physical meeting on 16th December is converted to digital. The invitation has been updated and sent out to all ANA Futura staff.  

KI urges anyone who develops symptoms to stay at home and follow the Public Health Agency’s instructions.

Keep updated and visit "Information for staff and students regarding COVID-19":